Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Family Resource Center serve? 
The LPPS Family Resource Center is open to all parents whose children are enrolled in  Livingston Parish Public Schools.  The center is also available to parents of pre-K children residing in the parish. We are here to serve every parent and child in our school system.

What is the cost to use the center? 
The service is free.   We know that a parent is a child’s first and most important teacher, therefore we encourage parents to use the center often.

How do I check out items?
You will need to bring your Driver’s license or current ID that shows Livingston Parish Residency.  On your first visit, you are allowed to check out two items.  Once those materials are returned  on time and  in the same condition in which you borrowed them, you will be allowed to check out up to five items per visit.

What happens if items are lost or damaged while in my care? 
You are responsible for all items that you borrow from the center.  In order to maintain the privilege of using the Family Center, all items either lost or damaged must be paid in full.

How long can I keep items?
Items are checked out for two weeks (14 days).  Items must be returned to the center during our hours of operation.

Are children allowed to visit the center? 
Absolutely!  All children MUST be accompanied and supervised by a parent while visiting the Family Resource Center.

What is a FAST pass?   
The acronym FAST pass stands for Families and Schools Together.  The pass is a form given to all Livingston Parish Public School teachers by the Family Resource Center.  It is intended for teachers to fill out for any child that a teacher feels may be having trouble with a skill in the classroom or that could benefit with additional help at home.  It may also be filled out for children that need more challenging activities.  The FAST Pass is not a pass for free tutoring.  It simply allows us at the FRC to better help suggest materials for parents that target those skills listed on the pass.

How do I get a FAST pass? 
Teachers will send passes home through conferences, work packets, or at any time they feel necessary.  Click here to see an example of a FAST Pass.

Do I need a FAST pass to visit the FRC? 
No, Parents do not need a FAST pass in order to use the Center.  Parents may visit the center at any time during our hours of operation to browse through our learning materials and check out items to help their child at home.